About Us

about us

Located in the heart of the quiet neighborhood of Kendall. We create a new concept that tries to satisfy the demand of this highly populated area. Miami is known for the combination of cultures and of course for the heritage of Cuban culture. La Isla Kendall is like Miami: a fusion of the best of many cultures, dominated by a strong Cuban influence.

Our specialized Cuban chefs contribute with their interpretation of traditional Cuban dishes mastered through years of experience in the gastronomy industry and of course, influenced by the traditional food commonly found in Cuba. La Isla Kendall brings a fusion of different countries, reflected on our extensive menu: Mexico, Spain, Argentina and of course USA (traditional American food –salads and sandwiches-).

All those combinations make an innovative restaurant that can satisfy almost any taste or craving. A unique concept that will hopefully make us your preferred option. We want you to have a great experience. Our restaurant is suitable for any occasion: casual lunch or dining, office reunions, romantic date, family reunion, even if you want to celebrate with us your wedding, baby shower or any special event. We love to hear your thoughts and opinions; we have all our communication channels open to hear any comment. We are working everyday to be better, and we hope that you can have with us the best experience and the best food.


Enjoy our amazing happy hour. Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 8 am
House drinks 2X1
La Isla Kendall delicious snacks at only $5